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Thanks for visiting the Testimonial page.

Recently, we decided to remove the customer testimonials due to privacy concerns of our clients. We highly respect and protect the privacy of our customers and those who use our website and services.

We know that many people are extremely overjoyed about selling their property.
However, there are a few individuals that no longer wish to publicly display their personal photos, letters, and real estate transactions. Therefore, at this time we will no longer publish our list of testimonials.

We are happy to be of service to everyone and look forward to a long and enjoyable business relationship with our clients and friends.

We are not here for the short term.
We are here for the long term... and delighted to be here.
Helping as many people as we can.

Wishing everyone health, happiness and prosperity.
The Entire Team at 411WeSellHomes
All Our Offices, FL

I want to tell you how refreshing it was to work with your company on this house. You were the only real-estate company that listened to what I wanted and helped me every step of the way until I got what I wanted. There are not words to tell you how much I appreciate that. Again, thank you! You are terrific!!

Winter Springs, FL

Just wanted to thank you again for your remarkable service and let anyone who is a prospective buyer or seller of property there in Orlando area know the Diversified Realty Holdings you want to do business with. It was very obvious to our family that the realtor truly cares about their clients. She is always a step ahead thinking proactively to attend to the myriad of details that are involved in every step of the transaction and the professional real estate experience to know what needs to be done, by whom and by what time. As a successful owner of real estate assets, I know the value of having a team of experts to get things done for me. Diversified Realty Team is one of my experts.

Best Wishes
Longwood, FL

Thank you soooo much!! The house already looks so much different . Wayne is working very hard getting it painted. The kids and I can not wait to be able to get in . We appreciative and thankful for all you did in order for us to get our new home! We love it.  I can not express enough how happy we are with new our home and being home owners.

Thanks again
Deltona, FL

DLR Properties was very easy to work with in getting our new home. My wife and I are thrilled to be buying instead of renting. We didn't have to go through a bank to get in, which made the process quick and hassle free. DLR Properties was very personable and friendly, and we would definitely recommend them to anyone wanting to buy a house with easy qualifications.
Stephen Miller
Tulsa, OK

I love my house and I'm glad I was able to move into it quickly. DLR Properties is always responsive and helpful. Anyone that's looking for a nice home, I would definitely recommend DLR Properties, and I already have.
Edna Wilson
Tulsa, OK


[Person 1]:       You can’t see me because I’m talking right now, but I’m here with – this is Araidna and where are you, Guy?

[Person 2]:       He left.

[P1]:     Anyway, um, so Araidna and Guy, they just moved into this great home in Copperas Cove and I wanted to – and we actually hadn’t had a chance to meet each other, so –

[P2]:     No, I did everything over the Internet (before I moved here). –

[P1]:     Yeah, we did everything online and uh – and we just got a chance to meet … They moved from Ohio, they had to wait until school was over until they could get to the area and get to beautiful Copperas Cove with all the trees and everything. And, um, so now they’re here and I thought I’d meet them face-to-face and see what some of their favorite things are in the house, that she actually hadn’t had a chance to see until you guys actually just got here about a month ago, right?

[P2]:     Mhm.

[P1]:     So, you like the blinds, right?

[P2]:     I love the blinds, they’re real easy to function; you can pull them up and down … Um, I like the fireplace; I like the look of it. It’s kind of rustic. It fits in with my beige, earthy kind of things.

[P1]:     Well you guys have this great house on uh, the golf course, it’s a very rare find. Um, do you have any –

[P2]:     It’s a great view.

[P1]:     Do you, yes, and very peaceful. Yeah, nice and private cause you don’t have uh neighbors behind. Do you have any ideas for things you might wanna do different to the house? Like any kind of paint or any upgrades or anything?

[P5]:     We’re gonna paint our rooms.

[P1]:     You’re gonna paint your rooms?

[P2]:     And I’m gonna paint my room and the bathroom … And then, eventually I wanna put new countertops in the kitchen.

[P1]:     Oh, okay. Very cool … I just wanted to, uh, congratulate you guys on being able to get into your home.

[P2]:     Thank you.

[P1]:     Thank you.

Guy and Araidna M.
Copperas Cove, TX


[Person 1]:       Hi, my name’s Lara with Home Freedom Properties. I’m sitting here with Stephanie and Omar. You guys just purchased a home, a great home in Pflugerville. Five bedrooms, corner lot, huge backyard and I just wanna get a little feedback from you guys on how you feel and whatever you’d like to say.

[Person 2]:       Man, I guess it hasn’t kicked in that I just bought a house this quick and this easy. Seems like it was pretty simple. I mean, before we were just looking at duplex, apartments and rent was 900, thousand dollars, so I just thought of myself, might as well buy something for me. And, we came to this, y’all did a great job with us, I really appreciate and a great chance, a great opportunity for us to have one. And, hopefully stay there for awhile.

[P1]:     Yeah. Absolutely. And you’re in the construction, remodeling business, and I guess, uh your wife, wifey over here.

[P2]:     She already has a lot of ideas.

[P1]:     You guys have some ideas on some things to do and to make the home fit your personality more.

[P2]:     Yeah. Well hers actually, she’s deciding every paint, every this, everything.

[P1]:     Cool.

[P2]:     Uh, you know what? I just love the backyard. Especially park my boat and my jetski that I have.

[P1]:     Nice.  Nice, that’ll be a lot of fun … And you guys don’t have any dogs or anything, but I guess you’re thinking about getting a few?

[P2]:     Yeah.

[P1]:     Now you just have to agree on what size dog to get, right?

[P2]:     Just one for now. I don’t want to have two, I just want to have one for now and just go from there.

[P1]:     Cool, and um, what was the other thing? Oh, and you’re in a 1 bedroom apartment right now, and now you’re, you’re –

[P2]:     Lot of space.

[P1]:     -- upsizing quite a bit to a lot more space. So that’s really exciting. Um, anything else you wanna share?

[P2]:     No, just thank you for everything.

[P1]:     Cool, you’re welcome. Thank you so much … Congratulations you guys!

Omar and Stephanie
Pflugerville, TX


[Person 1]:       Hey, I’m Lara and I’m standing here with Charles and Na –

[Person 2]:       Neni.

[P1]:     Neni. I always say her name wrong. Um, they just purchased an awesome home. Gorgeous 2200 square foot home in Harker Heights, uh, Texas. Uh, Neni, she’s a little nervous, but she’s actually, she’s very excited, um and I wanted to give you guys a little something. Uh, they don’t have anything fancy.

[P2]:     Oh!  Thank you.

[P1]:     A little chocolate, you know, not everybody’s into champagne, so there you go. And this is a little card for you guys, you can check it out later if you want.

[P2]:     Thank you.

[P3]:     Thank you very much.

[P1]:     So, I just wanted to see, you know, how do you guys feel right now?

[P2]:     I’m happy.

[P1]:     Good, how do you feel?

[P3]:     You know, if mama’s happy, everybody’s happy.

[P1]:     Okay.

[P2]:     I’m MAMA?!? (laughs)

[P1]:     … But, anyway, well um – so, tell me a little bit about your situation again? You, um, how long were you looking for a home and all of that?

[P2]:     A home, forever.

[P3]:     … well Neni’s been look for a place of her own for a long period.

[P1]:     For a long time.

[P3]:     So, she’s gotta be tickled to death to get her family all under one roof.

[P1]:     Great.

[P3]:     A place to call her own, so.

[P1]:     That’s great …Yeah. Do you have any plans to make any changes to the home at all? Any paint or …?

[P2]:     Actually, yes.

[P1]:     Yeah?  What are you thinking about, painting?

[P2]:     I still don’t know, I just thinking.

[P1]:     Yeah, well that’s part of the fun of owning a home. You get to make it your own so.

[P2]:     Yes.

[P3]:     Lara, thank you so much for, you’ve been wonderful.  We appreciate everybody here at, uh, Freedom Home Realty.

[P1]:     Home Freedom Properties.

[P3]:     Yes. Home Freedom.

Charles S and Neni R
Harker Heights, TX


[Person 1]:       Hey there, my name is Lara Fobian. I’m sitting here with Chris, Chris just uh, you wanna say hi?

[Person 2]:       Hi, hi … I’m Chris, I just bought my house with Home Free – Home Freedom Realities. Awesome, I’m so stoked. Uh, they worked great. Uh, Lara’s great. I can’t wait to get in there and like paint it. And make it totally crazy and awesome. It’s gonna be my lovely home, I’m so stoked, you guys have been awesome, seriously, really awesome.

[P1]:     Good!

[P2]:     All the questions I had, answered them no problem, even worked out some of my mortgage stuff that I had, um some problems with and you’ve really gone above and beyond for me and I really appreciate it. Thank you.

[P1]:     Oh, cool.

[P2]:     Thank you very much Lara.

[P1]:     Oh, you’re welcome.

[P2]:     Thank you very much.

[P1]:     Well, um, congratulations? … Owner financing, very easy to qualify. Um, I’m really excited for you Chris.  And I just want to let you know that we had a couple that had looked at the home, um, before Christmas, so it was about a month or two months ago. The home hadn’t been on the market for very long and they fell in love with the house and the wife really wanted it. And the husband was kinda ehhh about it, and I just called and spoke with um, the occupant today and she said, yeah I ran into the Realtor at the grocery store and they are like crying that they lost this house. They didn’t get this house, so – I just, I mean, not to –

[P2]:     If I wasn’t such a nice guy, that would hurt my feelings, but you know what?  This is the house for me!

[P1]:     Yes, I just wanted to let you know that um, you got a home that was in very – it was very desirable and we had some people that were heartbroken that they couldn’t get it, so congratulations.

[P2]:     Well, I’m planning on taking really good care of it, so thanks Lara.

[P1]:     I’m excited for you. Congratulations, thank you.

Chris G
Austin, TX

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